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For the Mama,

For your Birth

& For your Baby

Short, simple, supportive and effective online courses for every stage of your journey.


Pregnancy and Birth can be confusing, over-whelming and even scary life events. There is so much information out there – and not all of it is positive or nurturing.

I’ve been working with Pregnant and Post-Natal women for over 14 years. It’s my passion to be able to support each and every woman, with knowledge, with confidence and with practical techniques, for a healthy, joyful pregnancy, for a confident, natural birth, and for wonderful nurturing, bonding experiences with their newborns.

These courses offer a quick and simple way to access some of this wisdom, and many of the techniques, that have helped hundreds of women through their journey to motherhood.

“I can’t thank you enough for how much your yoga coaching helped especially in the first stages of labour, physically and mentally. You’re an inspiration and have helped me loads during my pregnancy and during the birth, thank you.”

“Lovely course!  I really enjoyed some quiet, relaxing time with Matilda and have loved trying out the massages.  After bath time, they definitely help her sleep better and relax!”

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